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I 100% recommend Nyla Eye For it Organizing. My kitchen drawers were a mess even though I thought they were organized. The problem with my organization was every time I needed to use an utensil or remove my neatly stacked seasoning packs my kitchen drawers returned to looking a mess. My system wasn’t working so I had Eye For It Organizing help me find a full proof system that fit my personality and needs. Now I no longer struggle with disorganizing my beautifully organized kitchen drawers.

-Fannie R

Eye For it Organizing, helped me organize my vanity station, I would highly recommend them helping you to set up an organizing system with your home etc...

-Aaliyah W

Eye For it was very efficient and professional. Space was not a problem, organization was. She saw through the clutter and found the beauty in my pantry. The containers she purchased for me are extraordinary yet functional...No labeling was required. We are very impressed and happy with her work.

-Albert R

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